September 3

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” —Proverbs 13:20

Authority is a gift. I know, I know… so many classic rock songs have told us that authority exists only to be resisted and challenged at all costs, but good authority actually brings stability and peace to our lives. Have you ever had a really effective manager who made you feel like you were protected, but who also spoke directly and candidly to you when you needed it? That’s what really good authority looks like.

Not all of us are gifted with that kind of manager. Some people use their authority to abuse others, to get their own way, or to make themselves look good at the expense of the people they lead. But, we can each seek that kind of good authority in our lives to help us make better decisions, learn from mistakes and successes, and grow in our skill set.

In my book The Accidental Creative, I wrote about the importance of forming a “core team”. This is a small group of people who have permission to speak truth to you, and to help you make better decisions. They might be people who are a little farther down the path than you, and who have visibility into your life and career. But, most importantly, they care about you. They want to see you thrive. 

Do you have a core team? If not, who might be able to play that role for you?

When we walk with the wise, we grow wise. 

Question:  Who is, or should be, a part of your core team?

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