September 28

A few years ago there were a number of books published about the daily rituals of famous achievers. Readers scrambled to discover what Richard Branson ate for breakfast every morning or which brand of coffee Sheryl Sandberg prefers. There is an understandable desire to know how the people we admire structure their lives, but we often mistake correlation for causation. It’s not the specific rituals they implement that made them successful, it’s that they actually have some. They have implemented a bounding structure that channels their focus and energy in meaningful ways. 

We make our rituals, then our rituals make us. They are the bounding arc that keep us moving in the right direction, day by day. As I write this, we are just emerging from the COVID epidemic, and many of our lives have been upturned by something we never saw coming in ways we couldn’t imagine. Except, those of us with bounding rituals of study, reflection, writing, and connection kept the stability that only regular disciplines can provide.

Don’t worry about the rituals of others, but make certain that you have some of your own. They are what keep you grounded even when the world and your work devolves into chaos. 

Rituals that work for one person may not work for another. Adopt daily rituals that channel your creative energy toward your goals.   

Question:  Which rituals are indispensible for you? Are you practicing them consistently?

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