September 17

As I’ve mentioned before, you are likely a terrible judge of your own work. It can be difficult to see outside of our own expectations for the work and what we’d hoped it would be for long enough to judge it for what it actually is. Sometimes that might be even better than what we’d hoped for, but our initial expectations cause us to see the work as inferior for some reason only we can see.

When you produce something you’re not sure of, it helps to have a trusted few people you can share it with before it goes to your client, your manager, or the world. These should be people who will tell it to you straight and who won’t tell you what you want to hear. They should know your work, what you’re capable of, and how to speak to both your ambition and your insecurities. I have a trusted few people who I send new work to (and have for well over a decade) and they have been invaluable in my own creative growth. 

Trust the opinion of a few people close to you over the adulation of masses of people who barely know you. 

To grow and gain perspective on the quality of your work, have a trusted few advisors who will tell you the truth. 

Question:  Who are your trusted advisors, or who should they be? 

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