September 13

“I learned that focus is key. Not just in your running a company, but in your personal life as well.” –Tim Cook

There are three key elements that work together to help us thrive in life and work. 

Focus: What we allocate our finite attention to and spend our mental bandwidth resolving.

Function: The processes by which we actually go about solving those problems.

Fire: The underlying why behind what we do each day. The deeper drive, or core motivation that propels us forward.

When someone drifts off course, or feels like things just aren’t “working”, it’s usually because a one of these three elements (or a combination of them) is misaligned. For example, they are focused on the wrong problems. Or, their processes are so complex that they can’t make meaningful progress, Or, they’ve lost touch with their deeper sense of purpose.

As you consider your work today, how well-aligned are these three elements? Is your focus in the right place? Are you solving the right problems at the right time? Are your processes working well, and are they efficient? Do you understand why you are doing the work? 

When focus, function, and fire are integrated, you will experience deep engagement in your work.

To be effective, every creative pro must coordinate three elements: focus, function, and fire.

Question:  How well are focus, function, and fire aligned in your life? 

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