October 8

One of the keys to unlocking your creative voice is asking yourself “what angers me?” I’m not talking about road rage or a disappointing season of your favorite TV show. I mean what fills you with compassionate anger. What makes you think “someone needs to do something about that!”

In all likelihood, that someone is you.

Compassionate anger is anger on behalf of someone else. It’s anger that you feel because there is a wrong that needs to be righted or there is an injustice happening around you. It’s anger that you feel when someone isn’t delivering on their promises or you see a customer or client being taken advantage of. It’s anger that you feel when an inferior product is causing problems for your customers. 

For example, I am profoundly moved by the stories of underdogs. If I see someone being taken advantage of or who is working against incredible odds, I immediately spring into action and take their side. Some of my best work is done with underdogs. 

What fills you with compassionate anger? And, more importantly, how can you channel that into work that matters to you and the world around you?

Sometimes, your best creative work will arise when you are working against something, or when you are fighting something.  

Question:  What fills you with compassionate anger?

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