October 4

Did you know that Albert Einstein was not a “professional physicist” when he developed his most famous idea, the special theory of relativity? He was a clerk in a patent office, and used the free time that his job afforded him to do research and ponder the mysteries of the universe.

At the time when the Wright Brothers developed powered flight, there was no such thing as an “airplane mechanic”. They were working on an idea out of the back of their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. 

So many of the world’s greatest discoveries were made by people who were working outside of their official job. They were engaging in passion projects that satisfied their curiosity and helped them scratch their creative itch.

If you are hoping to find the perfect job that will contain the full sum of your creative energy, you will be disappointed. No job can contain all of your ideas and passions. Yes, some jobs will be a better fit than others, but you must find ways of exercising your creative passion outside of your on-demand work. 

Do you have a creative passion project? Maybe it’s a novel you write in your spare time, or a few songs that you’ve written and are recording. Whatever it is, engaging in creative passion projects are a great way to keep the flame alive in your job as well.

Creative passion projects give you the chance to take risks and try new things that your on-demand work don’t.   

Question:  What creative passion project should you begin? Or continue?

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