October 27

There are few things that affect your creative process more than the quality of the stimulus that you allow into your mind. The better and more diverse “dots” you have to connect, the higher quality ideas you are likely to generate. But some people leave stimulus to chance. They read whatever comes across their field of view, or spend time mindlessly surfing the web, Instagram, or Twitter for something that sparks their interest.

As a pro, you can’t afford to leave your stimulus to chance. I recommend that you have what I call a “stimulus queue”. It’s a list of items that you plan to read, experience, watch next. You might use a tool (there are any number of apps that allow you to aggregate articles from the web) or the back page of your notebook, or simply keep a stack of books next to your desk. (That’s what I do, and mine is growing tall!) But, the key is that you file away interesting stimulus and you work through them in a processed way. 

Don’t leave your stimulus to chance. Keep a “stimulus queue”, or list of things you want to experience, read, or watch, and work through it over time.

Question:  Where will you keep your stimulus queue? 

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