October 25

Predictability of time commitments can be critical to making progress on creative work. Without knowing that you’ll have the time you need to do the work you are accountable for, you are prone to stress and anxiety, which can consume your world and choke your creative energy. 

One strategy that was implemented by a client of mine was called “no fly zone” time. They implemented a policy that stated that between the hours of 11AM and 1PM Monday through Friday there were to be no meetings, no phone calls, and no expectations of returned emails. Everyone in the organization had that predictable two hours every single day to do their deep creative work. What this did for the organization was provide steady, predictable time for people to do their work, regardless of how many meetings they had to sit through outside of it. They knew that at least a ten hours a week would go to the work they were accountable for. 

How can you implement the same strategy in your life? Is there a time you can block off as “no fly zone” time? Maybe it’s 7AM-9AM each morning, as you ease into your day. Maybe it’s 3PM-5PM each day so that you can leave on a high note, having tackled important priorities.

Block some time each week, and preferably each day, for doing your most important creative work.

Question:  When will you schedule “no fly zone” time? 

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