November 6

How do you know which of your ideas is ready to put into the world? Phil Libin, founder and former CEO of Evernote, believes that the best ideas are the ones that technology has just made possible for the first time in history, but that are still difficult to achieve. The difficulty means that many won’t try them, but the fact that it’s possible for the first time means that you might be able to step into a space that others haven’t yet considered. That convergence of (a) just became possible, and (b) still kind of difficult is the place where tremendous value can be created.

As you consider your work, is there anything that falls into that space? Maybe there’s an idea that you’ve been exploring, but it doesn’t quite seem like it’s ready for prime time. How can you alter the idea so that you’re doing something that’s only recently possible, and still really difficult to do? By concentrating your efforts against these kinds of ideas you are likely to discover value that others haven’t. And, you’re likely to innovate in unexpected ways in your own work. 

The biggest value in your work lies at the intersection of (a) things that just became possible, and (b) are still difficult to accomplish.

Question:  As you consider your work, which ideas lie at the intersection of these two dynamics? 

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