November 19

Yesterday we discussed the importance of making a commitment. Of saying “yes”. However, there is equal power in saying “no”. When you close a door, you are effectively channeling your focus, time, and energy in the same way as saying “yes”.

However, many creative pros don’t want to say “no” because they – as we said yesterday – want to “keep their options open”. The same principle applies – they are watering down their efforts.

Entrepreneur and author Derek Sivers says that if something isn’t a clear yes, it’s a no. Life is too short to half-commit to things that you really have no interest in spending your life on. We do this out of guilt or shame, or obligation, but if we aren’t really putting ourselves fully into it, we’re not really doing it anyway. This applies to discretionary work, relationships, personal obligations, and more.

Is there something in your life that you need to say a clear “no” to right now? Doing so will help you channel your energy into what really matters.

Closing a door by saying “no” allows you to channel your finite energy into the places where it can really matter. Do not commit out of guilt, shame, or obligation unless you plan to give it your full effort.

Question: What do you need to say “no” to today?

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