November 18

A commitment is a powerful force of nature. Something magical happens when we say “yes”. Not magical in a mystical way, but in a far more important and pragmatic one. It seems that the moment we commit to something, we begin to orient our life around bringing that commitment into existence, even if subconsciously. Our mind begins to connect dots that we couldn’t even see before. Other people come into our life at just the right moment to provide an opportunity. (In reality, they were already there, it’s just that we weren’t looking for them.) A commitment channels our focus and energy toward an end.

Many people fail to make commitments because they are afraid of failing. Instead, they like to “keep their options open”, but in so doing they are unwittingly working against their own best interests. They fail to channel their energy effectively because it is spread across too many possibilities.

Effective creative pros say “yes” and make commitments.

When you make a commitment, you channel your focus, time, and energy toward making it happen. When you “keep your options open”, you will often subvert your goals because you try to do too many things at once.

Question: Where are you trying to “keep your options open” instead of commiting? What do you need to say “yes” to today?

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