November 17

When do you do your most effective thinking? Some people wake up ready to go, while others seem to do their best creative work late in the evening, or even after hours. The challenge is that most of us do not have an option to work when we want to. We are required to work certain hours during the work day. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of those extra productive times, even if they fall outside of your work expectations.

Some creative pros I’ve worked with have set aside time very early in the morning to do their creative thinking, before they go into the office. Yes, I understand that it’s important to have a separation between work space and home life, but the reality is that for some of us, those precious few hours in the morning or the evening after everyone else is in bed might actually save us many hours of trying to think while juggling all of our daytime priorities. An hour in the morning or evening might actually save us five later.

When do you do your best creative thinking? Strive to block off just a bit of time this week during that optimum time for idea work.

Dedicate your best creative thinking time for generating ideas, even if that’s in the morning or evening.

Question: When do your best ideas generally happen? How can you structure more thought time during those windows?

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