November 14

Where do brilliant ideas come from? More often than not, it’s when something “clicks” into place and there is a sense that things suddenly make sense in a way they didn’t just before. You see things more clearly, and maybe even feel a little excited about taking the next steps when you were fearful just moments before.

What’s happened is that you’ve caught a glimpse of Reality behind reality. You’ve seen through the looking glass. You’ve peared through to the heart of the issue.

Pay special attention to those moments, because they are sacred. I don’t mean sacred in a spiritual sense, but in a “set apart” sense, which is what the source word of sacred means. Pay attention to the circumstances that led to those breakthroughs, what you did just before, what you were reading, or listening to, the conversation that was happening. It’s not that you can fabricate more of these moments, but you can learn to create environments in which they are more likely to occur.

Think about the breakthrough moments you’ve experienced. What did they have in common? What were you doing just before? What were the circumstances that led to the breakthrough? What question did you ask?

Breakthrough moments are a glimpse of Reality behind reality. Pay attention to them, and learn from them.

Question: What do your breakthrough moments have in common? Are there any through-lines that you notice?

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