November 12

You probably have a number of objectives you are trying to deliver on at the moment. However, there are likely only a few very critical goals that will build momentum for everything else you are doing. In his book The 4 Disciplines Of Execution, Chris McChesney calls these Wildly Important Goals, or WIGs. They are the critical areas of focus into which all of your other activity should channel during a season.

I’ll give you an example from my own work. For the past year, my WIGs have been (1) quality, (2) awareness, and (3) revenue diversity. Quality means that I am working to improve the overall quality of the work I produce, the content I generate, and the talks and trainings I offer to organizations. Awareness means that I am working to increase awareness for my work and to play on a larger scale. Revenue Diversity means that I am seeking to find new and more diverse sources of revenue for my business so that I’m not overly dependent on just a few.

By establishing these three WIGs, I’ve been able to set smaller goals that channel up into them, and thus to focus my work on what will truly move the needle rather than working on many disparate projects with loose connections to my overall objectives.

As you consider your work during this season, what should your WIGs be?

Wildy Important Goals help you focus your projects and your everyday goals on activity that will actually move the needle.

Question: What are your Wildly Important Goals?

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