November 10

Do you remember the movie Jerry Maguire? Sports agent Maguire spent all night writing a manifesto about how his industry had veered off the rails, and what needed to be done to fix it. He delivered copies to his entire company, hoping it would set the stage for a massive change. Instead, he was fired.

Did Jerry do the right thing? Of course. Just going along with the way things are as a way of keeping the peace is no way to produce a body of work that you’ll be proud of later. But first, you need to define what a body of work you’ll be proud of actually is.

I challenge you to write your own manifesto. It doesn’t have to be dozens of pages. It can simply be a list of five or ten principles that define how you will engage your life and work each day. They can be simple, and they only have to matter to you. However, they should frame up how you will make decisions each day and the principles by which you will live, work, and produce.

Writing your own personal manifesto is a great way to clarify what really matters to you, and to build a framework for making personal and career decisions.

Question: What are the principles of your manifesto? Don’t have one? Write it!

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