August 31

“In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.” —Oscar Wilde

Don’t invent enemies to placate your fear of failure. Take accountability, and learn from your shortcomings. It’s the only way to grow.  

It seems that some people need to have someone or something they are fighting against. If they don’t have an actual enemy, they will invent one. They point to the team, their manager, the client, the market, or some other force that is preventing them from being able to perform at their best. It seems someone else is always to blame.

While having a clear battle to fight can stoke your creative flames, you must be cautious not to invent enemies in order to mitigate your own fear of failure. Sometimes people find scapegoats on which to pin their own disappointments. It’s easier to do that than to own up to shortcomings. However, if you don’t acknowledge your failures you cannot learn from them. 

Choose your enemies wisely. They will shape and define your creative engagement. Pointing fingers at others is a sure way to end up with fingers pointing back at you. 

Question: Is there any way in which you are inventing enemies?

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