August 25

 “One should use common words to say uncommon things”  ― Arthur Schopenhauer

To be effective as a creative pro, you must communicate with precision even when you are uncertain.

When you consider the most effective leader you know, what are some words that describe why? I’m certain words like competence, curiosity, and trustworthiness come to mind, and they are certainly important. But, there is another quality of effective leaders that we often overlook: precision.

Good leaders, especially those who lead creative work, are precise about their expectations. They are precise in how they communicate with their team. They are precise in how they share feedback about the work. There is little ambiguity in their communication.

When the work or the circumstances get uncertain, many leaders become unclear in how they communicate. They want to hedge their bets in case they are wrong, so they lack precision.

Great leaders, on the other hand, are clear even when they are uncertain. This is also true of creative pros doing the work. They have a clear point of view even when they are uncertain that point of view is the right one.

Question: Where do you lack precision in your communication, your relationships, your work? How can you exhibit more precision today, and be clear even when you are uncertain?

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