August 24

 “As you interact with others through your work, patterns begin to emerge in how they respond to it, which leaves clues to the areas in which you are most effective.”  —Louder Than Words

To succeed as a creative pro, you must identify the qualities of expression that make you unique.

What are you known for? Is there kind of work, whether inside of your organization or outside, for which you are the first call someone makes? 

Everyone has unique “pillars” that stand in representation of their personal brand. They are the qualities of expression that stand out from everyone else and make them truly unique. It could be a particular way in which you think about a problem, or a skill that you have that others don’t, or a gift of wordsmithing that allows you to express something in a few words while others need a paragraph. 

These pillars are your unique currency. Only you have it to spend, and you should leverage it whenever you can. Don’t waste time trying to do things that anyone could do. Focus on the things that truly make you unique. 

Take some time today to consider a few qualities that you possess that few others around you do. Then, consider how you can leverage them in your work.

Question: What are the unique pillars that make you different from others in your field?

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