August 20

 “Grow all you can where you are before wishing you were somewhere else.” —Todd Henry

Grow in the spot you are planted.

Imagine a tree in the middle of a rocky field. The soil is tough, and growing roots is a challenge. In the field next to it, there’s an oak tree growing tall in the middle of a beautiful pasture with soft, rich soil and plenty of water. 

Which tree will thrive?

The answer is, both. Why? Because trees adapt and grow in the spot where they are planted. The tree in the rough soil will grow roots that circumvent the rocks and eventually reach the subterranean water and nutrients it needs to survive. The tree in the fertile field will grow roots as well, though it will not have to adapt in the same way. 

It’s tempting to wish that you were planted in a more fertile field. Maybe you don’t like your manager, or you are surrounded by people who don’t share your vision or ethics, or your organization isn’t growing in the way it should. 

There may come a time when it’s necessary to re-plant yourself. However, don’t do it until you’ve done all you can to grow in the spot you are planted. Every adversity is an opportunity for you to learn something, to adapt, to develop new skills and a more resilient mindset. 

Before you seek a new field, make sure you’ve grown all you can in the spot you’re planted.

Question: How can you leverage your current situation for growth?

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