August 19

 “Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, But you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” – Bob Dylan

To get unstuck, get outside of yourself.

Who are the most miserable people you know?

OK – that might not be a fair question. And while it’s unlikely that I know the person who immediately came to mind, I want to predict that I know something about them: they are very self-centered.

The most miserable professionals I encounter are those who are only about one person: themselves. They feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. They never get what other people are getting. They blame the client anytime something goes wrong. And, whenever credit is being dolled out for work well-done, they are always there to ensure that they get what they “deserve”. 

When you are self-centered, your world becomes a smaller and smaller set of concentric circles centered only on you. Your perspective. Your world view. Your best interests. And eventually, you will get stuck if you are only looking at yourself. Stew on the perceived injustice for long enough and it will take over your mind, leaving no space for creativity to flourish.

The antidote? Generosity. Service. Doing things for others with no expectation of reciprocity. 

Today, focus on doing something to serve another person. Offer to get them coffee. Give them credit for something they did. Write a note of encouragement. The funny thing is, when you commit to building into others, you will often find that you receive far more in return. Not just the feeling of having done something good, but in real, tangible creative insight. It unlocks something in your mind. 

Creativity thrives in the fertile field of generosity. 

Question: How can you serve someone else today?

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