August 13

 “The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” – Stephen R. Covey

We need space “between” in order to remain prolific, brilliant, and healthy.

Who decided that meetings should be 60 minutes by default? Microsoft? Google?

For some reason, that seems to be the standard. If two people set up a meeting, it seems it’s almost always sixty minutes. The problem is, that means that you’re likely running from that meeting to the next one, which also starts at the top of the hour. And then, the next one. 

There’s no room to breathe. There’s no buffer.

The same principle applies to the beginning and end of our days as well. We often rush straight into our work, and race screaming out of it at the end of the day with no space to prepare or decompress. Again, we need buffer.

I encourage you to look at your schedule over the coming week, and consider how you might carve out little pockets of time “in-between”. Give yourself space to prepare, to think, to ramp up and down, and to not run from obligation to obligation. You need buffers in your life to stay healthy. 

Question: How can you add a little space “in-between” today? This week? This month?

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